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Not to bring threads over but....

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This seller on Ebay has those funky prong collars for sale :)

Ingrid -> Who just won a killer Euro Joe ebay auction :D
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Interesting... I wonder how effective they are. I mighta been interested but 3.9mm is too thick, I'm having awesome results with Cujo on a 3mm prong, the 4mm I had before didn't do much to him.
If you go to their \"store\" that have different sizes available:

They don't have 3mm (3.25 and 2.25) listed but might be able to get it if you email them ask them if they can get that size.
3.25 might be OK, hmm. I'll contact em, I think 2.25 is too small.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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