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Newer here.

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I've joined this forum a couple of times, but with a different email, I've also observed discussions (old and new). I very much like this forum, and I belive it to be a great asset to working dog people.

I'm pretty young, 14, and I have had a bit of experience with working dogs, and dogs in general. I currently 'own' 8 dogs, most of which are family dogs (but still referred to as mine 🙂). The only one that is fully mine is named Azureus.
Azureus's dam was a purebred mal, and was used for personal protection, she was also dabbled with in bite sports. Her sire was a cross between apbt and amstaff and used for hog (boar/pig) hunting. We got her and her sister, Kaylix, from the same litter. Azureus is the smaller, drivier, and more independent (with dogs, and unknown people) of the two. She is about a year old now, and is maturing quite well. She has excellent prey drive and bite drive- but her want to bite is usually restricted to an attack or getaway scenario. She is a very curious dog, but does have dog aggression towards dogs outside of her 'world' and the dogs she grew up with. She is mostly black (her black fades into a darker brown in some areas) with white markings on her toes and chest, has "half-up - half-down" ears besides when she is being pet or cuddled with- at those times she lays them completely flat against her head. I will defenitly share pictures when I am able too.

I've joined this server to give advice and spread what I know, to make a few friends, and to learn as much as possible.
: feel free to ask any questions or anything
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