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Newbie here

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Hi I'm Lisa, I'm from Manchester in the U.K. and although I don't have any working dogs, I have a Great Dane pup (7 months old) and 2 Westies who are 4 years old. I am interested in training and general obedience and I'm now a firm follower of the raw diet as I've seen a huge improvement in all 3 of my dogs general health and appearance. Here a a couple of pics of them.

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OK can someone tell me how to add photos? LOL :D

Hey, Lisa! Here you are!

I'm glad you joined in.
Welcome Lisa! :D
Welcome, Lisa, and glad to hear the raw diet is working out.
I think most people who switch are like me and can't believe how much of a noticeable difference that diet can make. :wink:
Welcome, glad to have you aboard.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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