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New Photos of Lÿka

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This is her new bigger 400 crate.
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She's getting so big! How much does she weigh?
She's so cute! What was she watching so intently in the 2nd picture? Same as first? Looks like she cannot wait to get involved! :D
Does she march right up to people yet, or is she still a little shy at first? I can't wait until I can see that little girl again. Now she'll probably beat up Carbon! :eek:
I knew she'd come out of her shell. I like that she takes a moment to read people, though. Carbon is now doing the same thing with people he's never met, although those he HAS met he is still has to look at for a second before thinking "oh, yeah, they're ok!".
Another, Patrick?! :eek:
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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