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New Kid on The Block

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Hey everyone! I’ve been a member of this site for years, since 2017 to be exact… just never really had a working dog and therefore didn’t engage much… a little bit of my story -
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As a kid I grew up with Rottweilers, and German shepherds. In 2019 we put down our Olde English Bulldogge (Chapo) that we’d had for nearly 9 years! Debatably one of the best pups I ever had, since I’d never owned a dog as an adult, husband and father… Chapo was a perfect family dog, he was smart, alert, took to training very easy, knew how to turn on and off when protecting/working and was almost everything I dreamed of! As I often travel for work, and can sometimes be away from my family days at a time that was important to me.

Shortly after losing Chapo left us, we knew we wanted another dog, and we just needed time to deal with his loss, research breeds, etc. Coincidentally both my wife and my parents were raised raised with Dobermans, and they loved them! We both always liked Dobermans and started to research as best we could. We decided we wanted a European Doberman, found a breeder and stayed in communication for 2 years… we finally found a time and litter that fit good for us! Friday April 21st we flew to pick up our boy Vito! Born February 14th 2023

I have tons of question and I’m sure I will be like a kid asking all of them! Here are a few pics! I’ll see you all throughout the forum with my questions… I will continue to read through, as I’m sure most of my questions have already been asked and answered.
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