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This is Winnie , she is a 10 week old belgian malinois pup who was sadly diagnosed with hydro (she also has a cleft lip ) , a rescue group my cousin works with was contacted about a pregnant malinois and when she gave birth they noticed Winnie had a cleft lip , she went into fostering and has strived , however later on Winnie was then diagnosed with hydro , I’m seeking any help in regards to anyone dealing with hydro in a working breed , Winnie does not let hydro stop her and shows her full malinois side to her fosters , biting (low growling ) just being a typical mal pup , however with hydro Winnie’s vision is a bit wonky , she is on medication and being monitored but the issue we are having is how do we train her ? Having hydro is hard enough for a dog but throwing it at a working breed seems just so much more complex , I’m hoping to find any resources and any help , we all just want Winnie to strive and be the best dog we know she can be
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