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Hi. I purchased a female American Bulldog pup with Joshua Kennels lineage, but NOT from that kennel or any kennels related to Mr. Miller. Unfortunately, the pup was a kind of last minute purchase as I had only weeks prior lost my A.B. to cancer rather suddenly. Also unfortunately, the 2 pups left of the litter were 3 & a half months old & they were not socialized by the breeder except to be with the dam & play about the property with family/friends coming & going. I adopted her anyway hoping for the best. At first (first couple of weeks) she was VERY shy & would bark or growl or freeze in new situations. After spending additional $$ for three weeks of professional Board & Train, she came back better after extensive socialization, and is making progress since, slowly but surely.

I read in the standard that only "excessively" shy dogs are disqualified & reading books re: the breed, some say there are pups that are shy but gradually build up confidence as they mature with continued socialization.

Currently, I'm taking her to group obedience classes & am also working with a private trainer on occasion. I did NOT buy her to be a working dog, but merely a SAFE COMPANION, as my former A.B. was.

At five months old now, she still is a bit hand-shy & does bark if a new person comes to the house though she has never attempted to snap or show teeth & I am PRAYING she never will. She also does a lot of scraping of her hind legs after after urinating which I thought was rather young & think barking(?) at the door seems rather young as well(?)

Do you think if I keep exposing her to new situations & training, she should be a safe girl, or does her behavior & a somewhat lack of good socialization between 8 to 14 weeks means I'll have a problematic dog?

PLEASE help....again, she's 5 months, very physically beautiful, & making progress - but does she seem to "dominant" and/or too "shy" to you guys to be a good pet?
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