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Need Advise on Dutch Shepherd Training

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I have a nice 15 week old Dutch Shepherd that is training in obedience and doing well. The two issues I'm having ( which appear to be breed specific) Issue 1) The pup will not let anyone but family touch her. 2) She is territorial and barks incessantly at visitors within the home and auto (Tail horizontal, concerned but unafraid). Both traits are desirable, but how do I control those behaviors?
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Thanks Jim, I've been trying to socialize as much as possible. Almost daily trips to the dog park, going to the feed and hardware stores, as well as outdoor art shows and weekly trips(s) to farmers markets in the area. She is solid in these environments, healing and sitting with crowds all around, but aloof with people. I'll try the treats with guests, but this puppy, so far is not food driven.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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