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Just wanted to recognize that the Navy Hospital Corps was established this day in 1898. From Belleau Wood to the deserts and mountains of Iraq and Afghanistan, Navy corpsmen have served with valor along side the Marines. The Navy Hospital Corps is the single most decorated rating in the entire U.S. Military. Corpsmen have been awarded 22 Medals of Honor, 174 Navy Crosses, 31 Distinguished Service Medals, 946 Silver Stars, and 1582 Bronze Stars. There are also 14 Naval ships bearing the names of corpsmen.

The Hospital Corps pledge:

"I solemnly pledge myself before God and these witnesses to practice faithfully all of my duties as a member of the Hospital Corps. I hold the care of the sick and injured to be a privilege and a sacred trust and will assist the Medical Officer with loyalty and honesty. I will not knowingly permit harm to come to any patient. I will not partake of nor administer any unauthorized medication. I will hold all personal matters pertaining to the private lives of patients in strict confidence. I dedicate my heart, mind and strength to the work before me. I shall do all within my power to show in myself an example of all that is honorable and good throughout my naval career."

Here is a great documentary that pays tribute to corpsmen from all wars: Unsung Heroes: The Hospital Corpsman. It's a large file and takes a while to download, but it's definitely worth the wait.

This is my thanks to all the "docs" out there. Ya'll are my heroes!

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