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I've been meaning to post this since Friday, but this weekend has been so busy I've not had the chance :lol:

My 9.5 year old eskie had a slightly lowered thyroid function on his last yearly bloodwork. We're supposed to go back in the beginning of August to recheck before putting him on medication. It may have been just a fluke anyway - my dobe tested a little low when he was only a year old, made me panic - then was fine when we restested six weeks later, and has tested OK since. Course, Angaar's was vaccine related - one of the more common side effects of vaccination is that it can skew T4 levels - and Bucky (the eskie) hasn't had vax in several years.

Does anyone (Connie) have any links about holistic remedies for thyroid problems? (He eats Canidae ALS and gets SeaMeal every day and a rotation of flax oil and salmon oil EOD.
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