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Ok folks this aint a mal or shep but he does fit the title working dog. This Galgo I adopted 6 weeks back from a rehoming here in Holland. He came from Medina in Spain. The sanctuary there is called Scooby run by Fermin Perez. He was used there as a working dog to hunt. The dogs there are used for a few months ( hunting season is Sept till January) then usually hung up on trees, burned alive or dragged behind a car till they are dead because they cost too much to keep for another 7/8 mths :twisted:

At least this is one is safe and in Spain the majority of people say they can't make good pets. This guy came to me like I saod 6 weeks ago.......a scared dog, unable to even eat without you sitting next to him. This guy with lots of attention etc has come around to this dog........

jee I couldnt believe the speed .........check out the film. I must say it was darn hard to keep him in view of the cam :lol:

gr Hil
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