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Okay, so not even remotely dog related (unless you count the fact that Achilles went crazy the minute I let Carissa out the door to catch the bus)...but eventful nonetheless.

The worst thing is her size. Carissa is VERY tiny for her age...only 39.5 inches tall at 5 years! Every other child her age towers over her. And she's so self-conscious about it. She's come home both days to tell me someone asked her why she's so small. :cry: . Other than that she's had a great first two days and is really enjoying school. Thought I'd share some photos of her big days.

Here is first official day (yesterday):

And here is today (the first day that all of the class met together...up until now only 1/3 of the K class went each day:


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She's a sweety!
My 3rd grandaughter is really tiny for her age. At four yrs old, she's already showing abilities of being a great little gymnist. Besides that, she can really kick butt :eek: . He small size doesn't hamper her a bit.
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