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my little girl

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Anne is 14.5 mo. now, about 61 cm shoulderheight and weighs aprox. 30 30 kg.

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she has few golden "vegen" (don´t know english word). If you look good in her neck (around her collar), on her shoulders and on her back legs.
If she is mated to a brindle dog, she will give brindle :wink:
ehm... I have already 12 reservations for her first litter next summer :wink: (and she won´t give more than about 6 puppys)
I´ll look around for you for next year..maybe a Tommy sibling?
Tommy is a Rocky-son and a grandson of Duco Seegers. Inherits very good (dominant male, big, flammable) on different bloodlines and mates regurarly.

a bunker sibling is a good idea also:
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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