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My Lil Girl Is In Pain :(

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Last night at training the lil one was tied up to a post getting all worked up over the dogs training, she was fine for hours, in her usual spot, doing what she always does, then suddenly she flips over n I hear an excrutiating scream. I thought she was just pissed at being tangled in her leash... but she wasn't tangled! She was injured that was clear, n she bit the shit outta my hand trying to unleash her, hard lil bite, it's not even the cuts that hurt, its the sheer pressure of her lil mouth on my bones! Anyway she instantly calmed down when I picked her up under her armpits, man I was so scared! Everyone there was concerned about her n helped me isolate the problem n make sure she didn't have any obvious leg breaks. Her rear left leg can't bear any weight, but you can stretch it out n she'll be OK. I took her to the emergency vet for some overpriced x-rays, as you see below there's no breakage to be seen. I went home with a super sleepy numb lil girl and an NSAID. This morning I went to my regular vet to update him of the situation and get some further advice, they checked her out n concluded her hip is fine but it's in her knee and ankle area, he doesn't think it's a torn ACL thank god, because her joints are all firmly in place... but she does FREAK if you move her joints side to side, so maybe a torn muscle or something. She's not putting any weight on it, but she figured out how to hop a few steps to pee n poop -- if she doesn't have to pee poop or eat then she refuses to walk even on 3 legs, she looks so pathetic :( If she's not 30% better by Friday she's going back to the vet for close up xrays of her knee and ankle to see if there's maybe a fractured growth plate or something, but either way, nothing I can do but wait. This is so depressing, n it's Cujo's 2nd birthday today too, it's like she did it on purpose to take away from his attention, damn women :lol:! I'm at the point where I can't wait till it's the next day so I can give her another dose of pain killers. She's done some "toe touching" on the ground a few times I guess that's a good sign, I really hope it's nothing too serious, but everything indicates that it's a self-repairing kinda injury. She's so small n fragile too, not like a GSD who's a big boned tough lil ball of fluff at 16 weeks, she's tall n skinny n small n fragile with long legs and a mean bite, she was dragging bite suit pants around the field just 20 minutes before this happened too... literally, big heavy ray allen bite suit pants being dragged along the ground, n she'd go do leg bites on Orly when he walked by wearing the suit too.

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Mike, I'm so sorry hear that Lyka's been injured! I really hope it isn't anything serious.

FWIW, my skin kid did this to me once. She was about 2 years old and at the daycare. The provider said she slipped on the ladder to the slide and wouldn't movef her leg anymore. I rushed her to the ER and had xrays done and all (which was interesting since I was pregnant and couldn't be in the room with her while they were done).

They never found anything, but she wouldn't walk on that foot for a clear 4 weeks! It was just plain avoidance; since it hurt before she afraid to do it again.

I hope this is just what's happening with your little girl! Lots of get well soon thoughts going her way.
I know you'll keep us posted, Mike.

That poor little baby......... that's so hard when you hear that screech of pain. :eek: :eek:
When she stands she tries to put her paw on the ground.

This is so nerve wrecking, it's probably a self-healing injury, but there's always that paranoia that this will affect her permanently. I'm so stressed out! She had a good time tonight though, laying on my bed side by side with Cujo each of them chewing a bone. It's the only time I've ever seen her be able to be around Cujo without biting him for more than 20 seconds lol.
Mike, as young as she is I'm guessing it will heal itself quite well. Hopefully your vet can give you some more exact information and a promising prognosis.
Patrick Murray said:
Mike, as young as she is I'm guessing it will heal itself quite well. Hopefully your vet can give you some more exact information and a promising prognosis.
EXCELLENT point that I had not even really considered....... she has puppy-healing magic at her age. I'm quite serious. She has all that energy and cell renewal going on that even at 18 months has slowed way down.
Oh jeeeez Mike, I'm sorry your little dutch girl got hurt. I know you are hurting just as much. That's great that she is doing the toe touch & stuff. Man, she sounds like such a little firecracker.

P.S. Happy Birthday to the Big Guy!
Hang in there Mike!
I'm a big believer in what Connie calls puppy-healing magic. :wink:
sended you a pm
Thanks everyone, Selena I sent you a PM also.

She's a tough lil girl, last night I had her in the play pen n I saw her get up a few times to try and figure out how to walk, her toes were touching the ground when she stood but no pressure on it, so at least she's not pulling her leg up as much as she was before. Right now she's in her crate sleeping, I saw her stretch out earlier, all 4 paws, but the injured paw not as far as the others n kinda carefully. She rolled over now n is actually laying on the injured leg with her paws facing the wall of her crate, so she's dealing well with everything. Like I told Selena in my PM, I'm not so much concerned about her coping as I am about the injury being permanent, she's a tough lil bitch lol. She's had a few hard bumps to the head n every time she looked startled for all of 2 seconds then went back to trying to bite the rag. The first bump to the head was her hauling ass accross the yard, I put a cloth-frisbee (flying squirrel toy) in her path thinking she'd stop running n bite the frisbee, but nope, she slammed into the frisbee which was 1ft in front of my leg n ended up slamming full force into my leg. She took a step back, looked startled like "woah what the heck was that" n then bit the frisbee lol. The other time she ran to the end of her leash n swung sideways head first into a tree :lol: Again, she bounced back immediately. She's a nut, she can handle alot, I'm just worried about permanence. I bought her to work her, n she needs to be worked or she'll go insane, I don't know how I'd deal with a dog with unlimited energy and drive who had a permanent leg injury. But I don't think it's permanent, it's just a lingering stress in the back of my mind.
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