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My Intro

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Hi All,

I recognize many of the names over here :wink: My name is Ingrid and I have Australian Cattle Dogs that I do Schutzhund with and am starting to get involved with ringsport with.

This is Poe - He has his SchH A and we are going for his I in May.

ACDs are not \"naturals\" at bitework but there are a few of them out there that love it to death :D

Looking forward to learning and contributing on this list.
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great dog!We call them suckers \"blue heelers\" where I come from. :wink:
Those are cool lookin dogs, I love ACD's!

Welcome to the board! :D
Thanks all

Yes, ACDs are cool little dogs but I am biased :wink:

Greg, they call them Heelers around here as well. Personally, I call them little s&^%@ most of the time!

Here is a link to more photos of Poe:
i love seeing other breeds do protection work. i've seen a lab do some decent stuff...
Tim-yer oppinyin is rong!!! :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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