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More ASR training pics

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Just a few pictures of us lastnight at ASR training.

Jak was so excited he wouldn't be still and this is us fighting to get the leash attached to the dead ring of the fur saver :roll:

He didn't know who had the sleeve, so he was barking at everyone. :lol:

My GOD I didn't realize my butt was that big!! :oops: :oops: I'm really going to have to start walking more!!! :oops: :lol:

This is a longcoat (or maybe a plushcoat) showline dog that is going to his new home this week somewhere up north:

Here's Jerry's sister and her mal. They're trying to get him to bark, but he isn't much of a barker (unless he's in his crate in the back of her truck):

This guy has several itty bitty mals, but they're little firecrackers! He also does detection work for local PDs.

This guy's mal is a MONSTER! He's huge! :lol:

These are dark, but this lady's GSD is an AKC showdog (her puppies have gotten blue ribbons at AKC shows :| ) and her dobie is a big doofus with ears that keeps play bowing at the guy with the sleeve. :roll: :lol:
The shepherd has zero interest in biting the sleeve; she's all defense (and maybe *some* fear because she really goes after him when he turns away from her). This is their second time training for protection.

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Hey, nice pictures!!!

That Monster he tall, too? His legs look so long in
the picture.

Jak looks great!
I can't remember, but he might be a little tall for a Mal. Even Jerry's sister's mal wasn't as big as that guy, and hers is pretty big for a Mal, too I think.
Kristen, looks like I've put you into your calling. Looks like you are having a blast. I really hope so. I hope we'll be coming up soon. Can't wait to meet you and everyone that's having fun with you.
I really appreciate you getting me in touch with them, Jerry. I look forward to meeting you as well. The talk this past Sunday was that this next Sunday we'll train as usual, but hopefully after that, it'll be on Saturday nights to make it easier on everyone that has to get up and go to work the next morning (and/or drive at least an hour back home like me and Charlotte!) :wink:

I need to work on trying to stand up a little straighter and not sticking my rear out because I get off balance. Jak's a strong boy! :lol:
Nice pics Kristen! :) My Mal was called a basenji by our TD for his yodeling play bark that he does instead of the standard bark at practice. He can bark normally, I just know it...
Kristen we're supposed to come up to train with you all but it'll have to be on Saturday's. We have some nice dogs we'll bring, a boxer, Mals and GSD might have to even bring the bad boy, Doodle. I know it's a cute name and all but wait till you see this monster. Oh by the way he is a Boston Terrier. Bad to the bone. He also does explosive detection as well as his bride Prissy.
Great pics Kristen and looks like you guys were really having fun. I just love Jerrys sis's mal :wink:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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