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Mike, here's some distraction training for Lyka

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Puppy and kid short video I came across on my hard drive today looking for dog info.

I think you can file this one in the "stuff you should never do with if you do not want your puppy to view your kid as a squirrel" folder. I think this whole short video is probably a case in point on why American kids and our dogs have ADD...between the TV, the running kids, the baby, the popper, and the puppy trying to eat the popper you get the idea of what my house can be like. If I remember correctly it was about 45 minutes of this racket and only stopped when I pulled them all away from each other.

That popper is no M-80, but hey, you take what you can get. I can send it your way, Mike, though my guess is your pup would gut it in about ten seconds.

(I do NOT let the dog ever chase the kids like of those early mistakes I made that looks cute when the dog is 9 pounds but is not cute at all when the dog is 60 pounds. This is definitely a "don't be me" video).
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