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May 4 pictures of Simba at 14 months

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Here are some pictures taken this afternoon. Simba is almost 14 months old.
These were taken in the yard while we were doing some drive building and focus
work for heeling today. The last picture is very funny because he was holding
the ball and taking a leak. I have taught him if he lets go of the ball then
I take it. He is not allowed to let go unless I tell him to out or the game
is over. When the game is over he must take the ball inside and then he can out
it. These pictures were taken with a nikon d50 and 300mm zoom. My wife took
the photos.

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Just gorgeous pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. It's funny how resolution really brings out the enthusiasm and spirit of the animals. Even that Yorkie you posted earlier didn't look nearly as kickable. :wink:
Pictures show another side of the story

I never realized how athletic a dog was until I started talking pictures of
my own dog. You just go out and play the game and never really pay
attention to how hard your dog will work for the ball. Simba is way more
athletic than I give me credit. The pictures really show how hard he is
working for the ball.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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