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I stumbled across this Web Sight and joined.
Hoping to meet like minded dog people and gain some knowledge.
I have had dogs around my entire life. As a Kid we had a few family dogs and as an adult I have had 10 dogs, Mostly Rottweilers and most were 8 / 9 weeks old when I got them. My last pack were 2 male rotties. My Alpha Sirus was 115 lbs, Sargent was my Omega at 105 lbs. Then came Rockey, weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs took the Beta roll. Then Chester we adopted was a beautiful papered as a pup Im sure who tipped the scales @ 8.5 lbs. Chester who was an Omega as well but he didnt care, he was just enjoying his place in life. The 2 Rotts were puppies that I bought but picked them up several months apart. Rockey and Chester were adults when they joined the clan. I had the 4 best dogs anyone could hope for. No fights no issues, They were all acclimated to everything, People, Crowds of people, Small Children, Dog Parks, Guns, Water, Boats. Everyone loved everyone and everyone loved my dogs. We had parties at our home and the dogs ran free among all the guests.They all went to any family events and my family expected them to show up with us. Sirus and Sargent I enrolled in a standard local Parks and Rec on and off leash obedience course. Sirus was 9 months old and Sarge was 1.5 years old at that time. My wife and I worked those dogs every night between the Saturday classes rain or shine and my dogs got 1st and 2nd place. One command they all knew was out and no!. What ever they were doing when I barked those commands they stopped doing it. I never hit them although I did ring Sirus's bell when he was 7 months old. He was food activated aggressive so one night while he was eating I went over and took hi bowl, He snapped at me with a growl then he heard bells ringing. One time correction and that problem was solved. I was so proud of them. They were so loved by my wife and I. Years went by and one by one they all died off including Patricia my awesome Wife.
Dam Im crying my eyes out now.

Fast forward, Its been since 2016 with no dogs. 6 months ago I had never heard the name Malinois. I stumbled across a YouTube Vid and like most folks was amazed at what I was looking at. My now Girlfriend and I were discussing getting a pooch or 2. Both of us were thinking of Rotts as we are both very fond of the breed. In my opinion Rottweilers are the best dog suited for us/ anyone, plus as puppies they melt your heart because they are so adorable.
Now Im seeing Malinois everyware. Long story short a 3 month old female Mali puppy is living with us. We were kicking names around and after a week we start calling her Diva because that is what she is and thats not a good thing. Diva is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Diva. She is afraid of water, baths, rides in car, walking on a leash, She has latched onto Shelly and has bad separation issues if Shelly walls out of the room, leaves to go to work, When She leaves Dive is command non responsive. Digging holes, taking our clothes out into the yard, Peeing in the house. Jumping on us / people, Chewing, Chewing me.. I cant lay down with her without being gnawed on. Wont listen. We both walk her 2 daily. She is getting better with walks especially with me, We have her on a schedule and regiment. 1st go pottie, then eat, then go pottie again. Same for lunch and dinner. She loves tennis and golf balls. She intently watches that ball, She will run after the ball / anything you throw and for the most part will bring it back to you. I set up a obstacle course in the yard for her. Up the ramp to a platform. then across to a table. across to a higher platform then down to the ground. Across the jacuzzi to a round tube and for now that as big a course I have.
She is a little better but she is just not catching on to now biting, jumping on people. I took her across the street to neighbors and for 20 min she just wont calm down. I let her say hello to everyone with me keeping tension on her leash so she wont jump on them, Her teeth are like needles, Her claws are sharp. I have successfully trained several dogs and I cant reign this dog in. Is this the norm for a Mali, Will she grow out of this and get better if I keep working her?
I am thinking she has brain damage and not sure what to do.
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