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When I USED to train/place PPDs, I would use an extensive interview process. First and foremost, the person wanting the dog would have a background check performed for any violence on others (human and animal alike). Next, if I was still a little iffy, a psychological exam would be performed (at their expense, they want the dog they can pay to get it!) to make sure the person is stable mentally. Then, they would spend a week down here handling a few finished dogs (not neccesarily the one they were interested in) to see what their skill level was. If they had little to no skills, they were denied a dog and encouraged to attend seminars and trainings to learn more and gain more experience. If their skill was adequate, they would be matched with a dog based on personality, working style, and family situation. I know it seems an awful lot to put someone through, but these dogs are like firearms. When placed in the proper hands they are amazing, but in the wrong hands the results can be catastrophic.
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