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There are injuries in KNPV..indeed usually neck and sometimes spinal injuries. They usually occur during the long attack on the stick (frontal attack) where the decoy and dog have really a confrontation with eachother.
It usually happens to the very courages dogs with a great attack (imo), who "block" the decoy. The confrontation is than very hard.

Our Spike has neurologic problems at the moment (caused by the confrontion on the stick attack), his attacks are so hard he probably had more than one "concusion". If he does a stick attack now (and only on the stickattack), he looses his ability to hold his balance after the out and sitting behind the decoy. If he bites there are no changes in his bite/grip.

Injuries are more on the trainingfield, not only because of maybe less skilled decoys (like Tim said), but because of the learning process where more errors are made (by decoy and especially the dog). If the dog are going to trial there work his so worked on, there are minimum mistakes in timing, looking etc.

About the stonewalling as Al put it, is also a´s easier(for his body and mind) for a dog to taking with a decoy in a movement backwards than have a very angry man walking hard in to a dog, verbally and fysically threat a dog....

If you see the vids I posted on Furie, you´ll see a part of the learning process KNPV stickattack...she is one of the dogs who can´t take the couragetest in KNPV, not in a way we like to see it anyway. If you see her on the courage test IPO style she is great, it is less threatening for her.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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