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dog's get hurt in just about every sport. i'm sure there are frisbee dogs that tweak a knee or their back once in a while. it may happen more often in certain sports, but that shouldn't be grounds for not doing it IMO. selena has often spoke about the difference between how we (americans) view our dogs and how the dutch view their dogs. we seem to want to make our dogs family members and the dutch believe their dogs are dogs (is this right selena?). the dogs get great enjoyment doing their sport and not letting them do it because of a small risk of injury isn't doing the dog any favors.

i would guess that the number of KNPV dogs that get hurt from a bite in a trial are very small. i would think that most of the injuries would occur at their club where the helpers usually aren't as good as the trial decoys. selena said the selection criteria for being a trial decoy are very vigorous.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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