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Is it correct that the common philosophy in KNPV is that they want as much drive as possible before they try to dominate/controll the dog and learn outs? Therefore they learn the dogs to bite the suit as crazy, and then when the dog is older and the training for the KNPV-title starts they install the controll, I guess with rather harsh methods. I wonder if that type of training is needed for the spectacualr attacks you see in some KNPV-dogs?

In my mind it seems a bit unfair to the dogs to correct them hard before they even know what an out means for example? What is the drawbacks, if any, to learn a young dog out and some controll before you starts the real intense adult training?
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That are old fashioned methods...for people who haven´t learned some new tricks for 30 or 40 yrs. I think(hope) it doesn´t happen anymore, but Im not sure.

Puppies learn on the sleeve the out with me. If outs, attacks (short distance) and there is no fear towards throwobjects and stick, the puppies are learning to handle the suit. Usually they around a year or so.

A dog could not be punished for something they doesnt understand. 3 phases in learning: learning phase (usually playful), doing excersice, must do the excercise..
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