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Greg Long said:
This is a KNPV forum that says its also in English but I cant figure it out.Can anybody help. :cry:

I found this Yahoo KNPV forum:

And Greg, it says this (I SWEAR): \"A place for anyone interested in KNPV to discuss training, problems and events. No one will be bared from this list\", which I think means \"barred.\"

Also found:

And this mini-list of URLs:

KNPV Web Sites list found at

* Von Christel web site features information about KNPV, police, sport, protection, narcotics dogs and more; featuring Protection-Dogs-L discussion mailing list and links to related sites.

* Koninklijke Nederlandse Politiehond Vereniging (KNPV) home page

* KNPV Keurinsstaat Politiehond One (PH-1) trial rules, exercises, and point system with helpful descriptions.

And looking at these, I now know MUCH more about what KNPV means! :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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