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My set up uses 2 --02Cool fans from WalMart - designed to run A/C or D cells but I noticed the A/C adapter was 12volt - viola! I wired those things to my 12 volt auxillary battery. Cheap fans at $12 each and moves a LOT more air than most 12 volt fans. The $80 box fans for use on boats do move more air and are better built.

I use a 12 volt Glass Mat (AGM) DEEP CYCLE battery. Your car battery (unless you have a deep cycle because you have monster stereo equipment) is NOT going to be happy with being drained regularly and will die an early death if you run too much off of it.

....and you really don't want a regular lead acid battery in the compartment. ..

Some folks charge these off of the alterantor but unless you have a heavy duty alternator it will eat it up.

The glass mat batteries are also more vibration resistant than most others and do not release hydrogen gas to the air (dangerous in an enclosed space) I charge it by way of wall outlet/charger...may add some solar cells later.

I can easily run both fans on high all day and not have the voltage drop below 12 volts..I have not pushed them to see just how far they will go..but the math says probably about 30 hours. (battery is 55AH). another team mate is looking at connecting 6V golf cart betteries together in series.

Right now, the dogs are fine in air temperatures up to 93 / 40% humidity (in the car) with the air blowing and start panting around 95 -- I am thinking about the ice cooler thing but going to finish out this summer...I don't have room for a big cooler right now.

Of course we move our cars around a lot to be in the shade during all day trainings and everyone is watching everyone else's dogs.
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