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K9 Crowd Control ???

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Something tells me this dog needs a little more training! :lol:

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Yeah David, it was just a joke, we are getting tired of your hot-headedness in this place. Lighten up. Its obvious that cop had a donut in his hand.

Jeff didn't feed me that line! He was calling about something else.

C'mon, that donut line is the funniest thing you will read today. Give a guy a break.
Let's see...from my Blackberry, I managed to 1. take a light-hearted shot at a personal hero of mine like David Frost 2. Score a big ironic joke and 3. potentially open the thread to an incursion of donut-related anger...

That is a beautiful alignment of things. Consider this thread Pwned, kittens!

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susan tuck said:
power rings!!!!! Ahhhaaaaahaaaaahaaaa rotflof Good one Sir Frost 8)
Heh, that's Soft Diva Dr. to you, Susan. :lol: I would post a name anagram of you but you officially have the filthiest anagram possibilities of any person for whom I've built forum here. :lol: I literally can't find a fun one for you that wouldn't involve a word in a George Carlin comedy routine.
Clogs and training dumbbells, Mr. Frost. Clogs and dumbbells.
1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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