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K9 Crowd Control ???

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Something tells me this dog needs a little more training! :lol:

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Michele McAtee said:
It's either that or a corrupt cop!

Glad you figured out a way to post it, as I received that picture along with some others in an email and COULD NOT for the life of me get it to format to copy/paste, reformat to get it to go in a post! Thanks for getting it out there for viewing/discussion.

I wonder if there was an article on the picture somewhere along the way describing the true scenario and for whatever reason became separated from the picture??? Or if anyone here knows the dogs or the authorities? Once again, things that make you go hmmmmm.....
Michelle, I have seen this picture before, can't remember the details, but it is taken in Europe. Most european police use dogs for crowd control.

I don't think it was a donut, (David or Woody) but rather a freshly cooked bradwurst.
It's just that they don't go for donuts too much in europe. A cold beer and bradwurst is very popular.
In fact, I think Woody and David should do that sometime, could be an interesting get together and worth sittingat the next table :p :lol:
Selena van Leeuwen said: forgot the good cup of coffee...a few weeks and you can get a decent cup while talking to me/us about dogs 8)
Yeah, I am counting the days. Have so many people to catch up with.
BTW, I need Dick's T-Shirt size! I think it's XL?
Real Dutch coffee with chocolate coated macadamia nuts is hard to beat.
But then "een lekker kibbeltje" will go down very wel too. I have a friend of mine coming with me and he has no idea what he going to eat :lol: :lol:
Woody Taylor said:
Clogs and training dumbbells, Mr. Frost. Clogs and dumbbells.
Jealousy gets you knowhere :p :p :lol:

1 - 4 of 38 Posts
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