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Jewelry quality tags - Unique one of a kind piece of art.

The designs are cut by hand from copper, bronze, and sterling silver. The pieces then are high-temp soldered, cleaned, fused with enamel in a kiln, and polished to a high shine. The back can be engraved with 2 phone numbers and 2-3 words, or I can leave it blank if you wish to have someone else do the engraving.

The round hang-on-collar tag is 1.25in across - about the size of a 50cent piece, feels nice and solid, like an old coin. I am also able to do a rounded rectangle, approx 1x3in, for riveting onto a collar.

Custom made to order, from your dog's photo.
If you wish, I can use almost any other image of your choice.
I guarantee there is nothing comparable to be found online. I started making the tags because I couldn't find anything I liked enough for my own dogs.

The quality is nice enough to wear as jewelry. With Beau gone, I wear his tag as a pendant - get plenty of compliments on it, too :)

Turnaround is 1-2 weeks, on average.

Price: $55, includes shipping.

I take Paypal
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