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I think. 8)

The grass at the soccer field was about 2 1/2 inches high today. I started out laying the track and then realized the wind was blowing from in front of me, but I went ahead and finished, putting one piece of hot dog (nickel-sized, like in my last video) in the toe of each step. Because of the wind, I made the beginning the end. So, because I had put the bait in the toe of each step, it was sort of hidden behind the undisturbed grass that was technically in front of each step, so he couldn't see it as well as in the last video. I also spaced my steps much further apart than last time. This time there was probably an inch between the toe of one step and the heel of the next. I then went back and put a piece of hot dog (1/4 the size) in the heel of each step, making sure it was fairly hidden as well. I only let it age about 10 minutes or so before bringing him to it.

It's almost 17MB, so give it time to load, and CRITIQUE! :D

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Connie Sutherland said:
Bob Scott said:
Very nice!
Do you let him finish the jackpot at the end? I prefer to pull them off while they are still wanting? JMHO

So they shouldn't get all the jackpot?
It can lead to them thinking the track is finished when the food is gone.
Dave, Jerry, others? Any thoughts?
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