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Jak sporting his backpack

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Just for kicks, I thought I'd put Jak's backpack on him to see how he'd react. He's never worn it before. I put a rolled up towel in each side so it would stick out a little, and he didn't seem to mind at all - aside from getting hung up on a few corners, that is. LoL

He's 11 months old now.

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I've been using one just like that on my 2-yr-pld female and load it with a couple filled water bottles. When she sees it now, she knows it time to do some serious walking. There's a noticeable attitude change. :lol:
My husband and I go hiking/camping/backpacking during the summer, so he'll be doing his share as well probably next year. This year he'll just be carrying light stuff just to get used to wearing it, since he's still growing. Gypsy LOVES to carry hers. Whenever she sees it come out she does a happy dance (she was actually in the way when I was trying to put this one on Jak, trying to stick HER head under it LOL) and once it's on, she actually prances around like she's something special. hee hee!

We usually let her carry her food and dishes (we have the collapsible style food and water dishes), and snacks for us along the way, and sometimes tent pegs, and whatever else will fit. When she's in top shape, she can carry 1/3 of her body weight, which is 20 pounds, like it's nothing, but I don't like to put more than that on her. Jak should be able to carry close to 30 pounds once he's fully grown and in top shape. I usually start out around this time of year getting Gypsy used to carrying again, and back in good shape. We all tend to get fat and lazy throughout the winter LoL! I start out light, with the rolled up towel and maybe a 20 ounce bottle of water in each side, then I progress slowly until she's able to do a full 3-liter bottle in each side (filled with water). With Jak, he won't be carrying weight, but I will start walking him with the pack on so he gets used to it and learns that it sticks out and he has to give it room when he goes around things. LoL I wish I had gotten a video of him getting stuck on the walls, and couch, and curio cabinet, and me, and the kitchen table before finally getting disgusted and plopping down in the floor to make sad faces at me. LOL
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