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Hey guys, didn't get any pictures, but guess what?! Jaeger bit the sleeve for the first time today!!! \:D/ :D \:D/

Not that he's had the opportunity before and hasn't bitten it... This was the first time it was presented...EVER...and he didn't even hesitate! =D>

I've never had a club close enough before (or the time or the money) to do any formal training with him, so about 5 months ago was the first time he'd ever been put into any sort of "real" situation. By "real", I mean something other than Chelsea and I wrapping 6,245 towels around our arms and wrestling with him... :oops:

Anyway, we took him to this trainer in Sanford about 5 months ago who put him on the back tie and came at him pretty strong. :eek: I thought he did awesome. To be honest, I think he scared the sh*t out of them because he is VERY intense and went completely nuts as soon as he saw the trainer coming at him menacingly and I told him "packen". I mean off-the-ground, teeth bared, "I'm going to kill you" nuts. He really thought I was in danger, I think.

The trainer made some lame ass comment about how he thought Jaeger's defense drive was great...but he didn't think Jaeger would REALLY bite anyone if they came into the house. The crazy thing is, he never gave Jaeger the chance to bite! :evil: All he did was throw tugs at Jaeger and swinging things on ropes, trying to get Jaeger to bite at that stuff, but Jaeger just sorta dodged it and stayed focused on the trainer...which I thought was just fine. Ignore the distractions, focus on the threat. Good. At least in my POV. Admittedly, Jaeger did back up to me a few times to stand in front of my knees instead of out at the end of the back tie, but he'd go back out as soon as I told him to. The trainer never got close enough for Jaeger to bite him, though...not even close. So it was stupid for him to say that Jaeger wouldn't do it. :roll:

So today, we finally decided Dommie was old enough to start going to the SchH club near us regularly, and we took both boys.

Richard, the trainer there who we've talked to a few times, told us to bring both of the boys out together and put Jaeger on the back tie (odds are I wouldn't be able to hold him LOL)....

NO PROBLEM. NONE. :D Richard walked by him a few times to get his attention (not that he didn't already have it), came at him with the tug once (which he took away from Richard pretty quickly), and then put on the sleeve. Jaeger never lost focus on Richard, he gave a full, hard grip both times Richard let him have the sleeve, and he made it very clear that he wasn't interested in the sleeve...he was interested in removing Richard's arm. :eek: :lol:

Dom did well, too. He was hyped up and going after the towel. =D>

Richard likes both of the dogs. He said Dommie should be a good dog and Jaeger IS, he's just "a lot of dog...for ANYONE". Which is fine. I've known that for a long time. He also said, "For not having any 'training', your 3 year old bites HARD. Very hard." :D

But he took the sleeve! He took the sleeve! Nerves of steel, I tell ya! :wink:
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