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Hello everyone. First post for a new forum member. Any Malenois experts out there?

I recently acquired an amazing dog who's had a rough history. She was found malnourished on the streets of Texas, taken to a humane society, adopted by a family, and then given to me due to her food aggression and territorialism. She's very intelligent but also a bit scared in general.

Her previous owners told me she is a Malenois. I do agree that she displays all of the characteristics of the breed except she is black and her hair might be a bit too long. I plan to get her some obedience training to build her confidence and see what she is really capable of.

Here are a few pictures of her. What do you guys think? Malenois? I should note that her feet are peppered with the typical Malenois brown and her undercoat is amber in color. I was told that she is 2 years old. She weighs 42 lbs.

Thank you in advance for any information you can give.
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