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It is interesting to me that all of the dog/cat intro stuff you read seems, to the most part, to ignore the temperment of the cat

This a very key factor, IME. I have two cats, now. The kitty that we lost last year to old age LOVED dogs. Especially floppy eared dogs; he liked to nuzzle under their ears. The two cats we have now, one is not crazy about dogs, but she just vanishes into one of her hidey-holes when the dogs are around. Her name IS Ninja! (She watched her mother being torn apart, literally, by stray pits in our neighborhood, so you can't blame her); that's how we ended up keeping her. She was so nearly feral that we couldn't place her.

Our other cat is fairly neutral to the dogs. The most important thing is that the cat not react aggresively to the dog; that turns on all the prey instincts and probably a little anger as well. Brago accepts cats as part of the landscape, he doesn't try to chase them or show an excessive amount of interest. Bronwyn is still such a baby that she tries to get Chubb to play with her, but he'll usually just bat her ears a couple times with his soft little de-clawed feet and then move out of reach. They are both very high-drive dogs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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