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To share photos on this forum you will need to make your photos available online via a hosting service, this can either be your personal web hosting account if you already own a website, or thru a free service such as or Create a free account at one of these sites (photobucket is very simple and basic, flickr is a very nice service with lots of features, if you want to regularly post photos online into a photo album, I would go with flickr for sure, it also makes posting size-appropriate photos on the forum easy).

If using the PhotoBucket service you may need to resize large images so they are a more appropriate size for the forum. I reccomend the width to be around 500 pixels.

I have never used this application, but I am told IRFANVIEW is a very easy to use FREE application that you can use to resize large photos.

Another useful application (but not free -- there's a trial, and costs $25 to buy) is ClickPic, it adds an option in the Windows Explorer to right click on a photo and resize it directly from the right click menu.


Sign up at for a free account, then follow their instructions for uploading pictures to your Photo Album.

Under each photo in your photobucket gallery it'll have 3 links underneath it, URL, TAG and IMG.... for this board, the simplest way to post an image is to just copy/paste the contents of the "IMG" box on photobucket (PhotoBucket has made this easy, when you click inside the IMG box it'll tell you it's already copied it, ready to paste directly into your thread on the forum), you don't need to do ANYTHING else, just copy/paste that line into the thread, the image tags are already included so you don't need to add it again using the boards message editor.


Flickr is a very nice service that allows you to create sets for different photos and has nice uploading software that lets you right click on photos in Windows Explorer and select a "send to flickr" option. I personally use the "Pro" service for about $25/year because it allows unlimited sets and many more photos to be posted, but the free account is fine for just submitting a few photos to forums.

Because flickr is a little more in depth, there's a few extra steps required to post photos to the board, whereas photobucket is very basic, simple and relatively straight forward. However, I do really like so if you have a few extra minutes to figure it out then I suggest using Flickr.

If you decide to go with flickr, here's the way to go...

After uploading your photos to your flickr account, find the photo in your gallery and click on it, it'll open up a page for that photo with a bunch of options right above the photo itself... one of these options is a magnifying glass that says "All Sizes"... click on that link for the photo you want to post on the board... Then at the top it will give you a list of size options, the best size for posting photos here is "Medium", so click on the link that says "Medium". Once that page loads up, scroll down to directly below the image and there'll be a box that says "1. Grab the photo's URL"... select whatever it says in that box, it'll look something like "" -- now copy it and start a new post or a reply to an existing thread n click on the "Img" button above the message editor, this will add the word "
" after the URL to your photo.

Now submit the post, your image should show up!
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