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I know that there are a number of Leerburg forum people here as well as many other forum users here that may have some info that I am looking for......I am looking for information on the puppies from the breeding of Xanta & Blitz von Getevallei at Leerburg last year. Would appreciate any information that you have about these pups. If you know anyone from your clubs etc that may have or know about any of these pups, please forward my e-mail address to them. The pups should be about a year or so old at this time. I am interested in knowing what type of homes they are in.....working, pet, serivce etc. Would like info on drives, temperment, training disciplines, size,weight,any health issues etc. Thank you for any info that you can supply to me. Feel free to post here or PM me or e-mail me if you like at [email protected]
I have Blitz (awsome dog, some pics of him working have been posted here (Blitz Rocks) & the pic with my post name is my female w/ Mike Ellis) & a female with an almost identicle pedigree as Xanta & am considering breeding them next year & would like info on the pups from a very similar breeding. Also interested in any other Blitz breeding pups. He was bred several times at Leerburg last year.
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