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All users need to be approved manually by me before their accounts are activated... but even accounts that are not activated still show up in the "new user" list.... it's a pain in the ass to screen, I didn't even catch the current new member Frank Whatshisname as being a spammer because it's such a hassle so I just hit the approve link in my email when a name looks legitimate.

The people signing up for forums for spamming are actually using automated software that basically goes around all the forums and signs up automatically.

There are add-ons for this forum that help against spammers that I was looking at several days ago, but since my laptop hard drive took a crap and had to be replaced, I haven't yet installed any software so I have no way to modify the message board software until I reinstall a few things.

There's also a modification you can make to this forum that hides new users in the "newest registered user" section until they are approved... or I may just remove that feature entirely since it's pretty pointless.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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