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Hello Working Dogs:

We are customs brokers located in Atlanta, Georgia, and we help clients bring in animals from overseas and get them through the hoops and bureaucracies of US Customs, Fish & Wildlife (when necessary), the CDC, and USDA.

Our company is a unique Customs Brokerage- we do entries for animals in many ports, not just Atlanta. We also clear dogs in Boston, Cinncinati, Detroit, Orlando, and San Francisco to name a few. Call us, we may be able to help, even if your city is not listed here.

Because we are a small family run business (more than 35 years in chronology, more than 75 years in experience), we are able to keep our prices down but our service level high.

When you have an animal coming into the US, you have our undivided attention. This means that even if your dog is arriving after normal business hours, you still can reach us. Our brokers also ensure that flight dates, time schedules and other problems with air logistics are dealt with promptly! We do not let the airlines forget that those crates have living, breathing animals in there, and they are not "just cargo".

Please call if you would like more information on our services. We would be happy to help!

Ellen Chance, CHB
Jean D. Duncan Customs Brokers, Inc.
TEL (404) 766-0207
FAX (404) 767-0016
CEL (678) 522-0604
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