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I'm being let out of the looney bin

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I'm so excited. We are going up to Yosemite for a few days. We have a friend who has a bunch of cabins on the outskirts. When he bought it, it was a real run down mobilehome park. He got rid of the mobiles & built a few little log cabins, all surrounded by the general majesty of it all. So Peter, Arkane & I are going with a few other friends, but we have a cabin all to our own. I might not come home!

The other good news, Peter is taking a trip up to Sequim, Washington to take a look at some acreage to buy. The land we are looking to buy is nestled between national forrest & water. If he buys it, it will be for us to live out our retirement.
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susan tuck said:
pup tents always welcome!
I have friends who live in Lake Tahoe. Their lawn slopes down to the water.

When we (or anyone else) visit, we do indeed tote a tent and put it up on the lawn. A couple of July 4ths ago we had three tents on the lawn. A great way to make house guests less of a nuisance! 8)

Have a ball, Susan! Yosemite is just -- well, indescribably great.
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