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Kristen Cabe said:
Ok. Aren't GSDs supposed to bark at strangers/intruders to their territory? So why is it that Jak barks ONLY at the sight of MY CAR (occasionally my husban'ds), or AT ME (or again, occasionally my husband) when I happen to get out of a different car? He doesn't bark at the UPS driver when they deliver a package; he doesn't bark at any of the neighborhood people if they walk by the yard; he doesn't bark when friends oe other family members come over; he doesn't bark at ANYONE but ME! Let a loose dog go trotting down the road and he's all to $hit! Me, and loose dogs (and the helper at training - but that's all prey/play) are the only things he's barked at to date. What the crap?! :x :lol:
Sounds like the rest of your family has trained him well...what the hell are they up to when you are gone? ;-)
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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