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Last week, Chelsea and I saw a puppy standing by the road about a mile from our house, and I swear to you, it looked like Dom. We even stopped and went back because we were afraid he'd escaped. Wasn't him, of course, but we were very curious about the pup. :-s

Well, tonight as we were driving by, we noticed his owner out front and decided to stop. The pup is, in fact, a German Shepherd. :) Black with a little white on his chest, two white toes (on the back, though), big bones... The guy couldn't believe the similarities (we had Dom with us).

Here's the thing, though. We guessed his age to be about 14 or 15 weeks. He was obviously a little younger than Dom, but he was pretty much Dom's height and heavier...looks like they feed him VERY well.

He's 9 weeks old. 9 weeks. :eek: And he's the size of our 4 month old pup (who isn't a runt by any means) and probably 5lbs heavier. No joke.

The guy said he got the pup from a breeder in Selma, NC. "Mother was white, father was and tan, and 150lbs." ](*,)

HOLY S*** is all I have to say. Can we say TOO big? His paws weren't really bigger than Dom's, but MY GOD.

Just thought I'd share.
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