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Hi, I'm new here. Here is a picture of my new GSD pup, Arkane Vom Waldestraum. He is by Janoch v d Grube Waldecke, & out of Zina v d Sandkautschneise. He is now just about 16wks. I plan to do Sch with him.

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I love the name - Arkane.

He looks to be a good size for his age. How much does he weigh?
I'm not sure what the little sob :lol: weighs, but he gets his last vaccinations tomorrow, so I'll know then! Both his parents are midddle sized, so I'm hoping he won't get too big.

Funny name, he came with it. You know arcane means something (known only to a few, blah blah blah), but with a \"k\" it means nothing I know of!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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