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How much do you spend on your dog(s)?

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I took this from an MSN board I'm on.

I know this isn't really working dog related, but I thought it might be interesting to compare what we spend on our working dogs to what the ASPCA says a pet owner spends on their dogs.

Here's my 'evaluation:'

I actually don't spend as much as the site says.

Dog food: I feed two dogs (both around 60+ pounds) on roughly $420 a year. It does say that it's calculating that cost based on the price of "Premium brand dry kibble," but does not say which brand. I feed Canidae.

Medical: Includes the exam, vaccinations, and heartworm medication, but I spend WAY less than $200 on those three things each year. Emergency costs can't really be estimated, though, so maybe that's where the extra $150 or so is.

Toys/Treats: I probably do spend that much in a year on toys and treats, but I only use treats for training or for keeping someone occupied while crated.

License: N/A in the county.

Misc.: Not sure what all would be in here, except for maybe bowls, brushes, food storage, etc.

Spay/Neuter: Jak is intact, but Gypsy's spay only cost $35.

Collar/Leash: Hmm, let's see. Jak's leather leash was $11. Prong collar was $10. Fur saver collar was free. Buckle collar was $13 (with a lifetime guarantee). Long line was $25. Remote collar was over $200. I've definitely spent more than $35 in that category! LoL

Carrier: How is this different than a crate? I'm confused. $80 is about what I spent on Jak's X-Large crate. The Large was around $60.

Crate: $160?!! I don't think so! I spent less than that on both of mine together!

Long hair grooming: N/A (why is that automatically included for large breed dogs?)
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I'm scared to add it up!
It doesn't sound too bad until you start adding so I just avoid doing so. I don' know what is the biggest outlay as everything seems to cost when you have to buy it by the dozen(got 12 dogs). I try to build as much stuff by myself as I can and I make equipment, but I still manage to spend a bundle on equipment I can't make like sleds, etc. I do my own vaccinations and worming and routine stuff myself but I have a couple of kinda high maintenance geriatrics to look after so that negates those savings. Then there is fencing, kenneling, feeding....I think I would just rather stick my head in the sand an not know how much I am spending.
Funny thing though is I can spend alot on dog stuff and not mind but hate spending money on clothes and stuff like that for myself.
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I just bought a kennel software program and it has an accounting function - I will be able to know all the gory details about how much it all costs.... :eek:
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