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How I Know I've Gone Dog Crazy

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I don't know if any other parents out there do this, but here's how I know I've gone crazy:8-[

As I was walking into the kitchen to get my 1st cup of coffee, my son, Shane, started to follow me in. Right before he crawled onto the tile, I said "NIEN! BLIEB!". Shane just sat up and looked at me like I was crazy. Then my mind said "Baby.. not dog... baby..."
Another Scenario:
I was playing with my son, when he put his head very cutely on a stuffed animal I said "sweet baby!" and acted all goofy and happy. Then, a few minutes later, I said "Who's a sweet baby?" and got the same result. Finally, my son went in for portraits last week. The photographer wanted a headshot of him, and so I immediately gave him a stuffed animal and said "Who's a sweet baby?" and he immediately dropped his head down on the toy and smiled cheesily. The photographer asked later what I do (work). I said "dog training" and he says, "That explains it." I didn't realize what he meant until I got in the car. :oops:
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Hah, that's great!

Both my toddlers and my dog know if I say "Aaahhhhhh!" in a rising voice that they have to stop what they are doing, immediately. The kids jump higher than the dog. I can't remember who I began that with but it keeps everybody out of the trash can.

My wife laughs at me because I picked up that quiet Cesar Milan "shhhtt!" thing he does to pull a dog out of a drive or misplaced focus...I started unconsciously doing that with my kids all the time...have not started nudging them with my knee or hand yet...but I am considering a prong for my oldest kid.

Actually he's useful in reminding me about bad instruction. He'll go up to Annie (he's almost three, she's about 9 mos.) and give a kind-of hand signal and a very lisped "sit"...she'll sit or lay down...and he'll continue to repeat it over and over and over. I hate that she's getting mixed messages but really like that she'll respond submissively to him.

The youngest (14 mos.) is just a trouble-maker...his favorite came is to take anything remotely shaped like a ball and throw it through the baby gates into the kitchen, where Annie spends her indoor time. Last night he pitched about 20 plastic easter eggs in there on the tile while Annie was in her crate going nuts. They are great pals, needless to say.
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I like to make my grankids rollover for a cookie. I also learned years ago that miklbone biscuits make great teething cookies. The don't fall apart like those soggy things they make for kids. :D :oops: :D :oops: :D Course my wife never quite saw it that way. :lol: :lol:
I tell my friends kids "FOUI", they laugh at me. lol.
I have been guilty of using the following commands with my children:

Halts Maul

And not just one one occassion. :oops: :lol:
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Welll, having grown up in Germany I suppose it's not THAT odd that I sometimes bark out commands auf Deutsch to my kids, right???? RIGHT??????

I, too, have forgotten who I was speaking to and told one of my kids to sitz, platz, bleib, or aus. My 2 year old was running for the street yesterday and I yelled NEIN, PFUI! A neighbor stared at me...The good news is the dog stopped what HE was doing.

Sara, that is TOO funny about the photographer! But dog training principles do occasionally work with kiddos, too. Bob, I can't believe you gave those babies milkbones. EWWWWWWWW!
I read somewhere else about a dog handler who was so used to putting out a knee or thigh to make sure she always went through doorways, etc., ahead of the dog(s), and one day heard "Ow ow ow" from her toddler whose head she was squishing into the doorframe. :lol:
[quote Bob, I can't believe you gave those babies milkbones. EWWWWWWWW![/quote]
Hey! My daughter is now 34yrs old with two of her own. Quite healthy I might add.........well.......she IS a lot shorter then her younger sister and brother. :-k Hmmmm! :D
Bob Scott said:
[quote Bob, I can't believe you gave those babies milkbones. EWWWWWWWW!
Hey! My daughter is now 34yrs old with two of her own. Quite healthy I might add.........well.......she IS a lot shorter then her younger sister and brother. :-k Hmmmm! :D[/quote]d

You know, I have a 39 inch tall 5 yo. Her 2 yo sister is just about 2 inches shorter. Kid still wears clothing sized for a 3-4 yo. You think maybe family members were slipping her milkbones when I wasn't looking??? :eek:
:eek: :lol: :lol: Well I suspect my daughter's grandma had something to do with height. Grandma was only 4'9".
As long as the kids don't start growling at you, don't sweat it. :D :wink:
Did I ever mention my father was a dogtrainer too? (with some good results :wink: )

I did a perfect "apport" (bring) when I was 8 mo. old crawling. Shots never bothered me,´cause I already heard them in the whom. My "blijven" (stay/bleib) was perfect at the age of 16 mo. :roll: :roll: :wink: :lol: 8) I was on a leash on the market, while the dog was off leash..i wanderded away :oops: with mum that had a better appél on me..

oh I grew perfect on the dogs kibble :wink:
How I know I've Gone Dog Crazy

I remember buying some "dog cookies" that looked just like oreos but made for dogs. I had left them on the kitchen counter in a bowl and was out in the yard with the dogs when my teenage son comes walking out with a mouthful of cookie and a couple more in his hand. Before I had a chance to tell him about the cookies (if I was going to :wink: ) he said "mom these cookies aren't bad but you didn't put enough sugar in them."

He is 26, 6' tall so I guess they didn't do too much damage. :p
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