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I had a really easy time teaching the vorous to my bitch. I've seen this method used and it really does seem to work fast for a dog motivated by a prey item.

I went to midpoint of the field but towards the end where the dog would normally be platzed. Dog is on a long line.

I took the toy and held the dog by the fursaver and made drive (spinning toy). Then I toss the toy 10 feet away and pump the dog up and say \"vorous\". When she grabs the toy, I call her back to me and we make play fight.

Then I get a further distance away. Tossing it 15 feet and sending.

Then gradually, I just platz the dog and walk over and place the toy. No drive building. All I have to say is \"vorous\" and she bolts for the toy .... then call her back and make play fight.

When she is able to go all the way down field (45 paces) then I introduce the heeling .... I platz her in the middle of the field, walk down and place the toy...walk back to her and we make heeling first away from the toy then flip around towards it. At this point she's anticipating whats going to happen, which is a good thing. But I never send her until she makes perfect eye contact and position.

Later, I correct for lack of position if its not there the entire way.

So now I have a dog that heels 13 paces, leaves me fast for the toy on command, grabs toy, and runs back to me.

Then I introduce the platz.

Since she is still on a long line, I send her as normal but I run with her and with the long line.

As soon as she gets the toy she gets to take 1-2 steps the I yell \"platz\" hard. My bitch is very good at this command, if your dog is not solid on it it will need to be. She drops hesitantly. As soon as her elbows hit the ground I call her back to me and we play fight.

Gradually you say platz sooner. Eliminate the 1-2 steps she takes. Then extend the ammount of time she has to stay down before coming back to you (3 secs, 5 secs, 10 secs, etc). Then get random with calling her back. Sometimes go to her, sometimes call back. The call back I think is a good drive release. As long as the dog waits for the command.

With this method, its taken me maybe a month to train. Unfortunately I have not been able to work it consistantly ... the field is usually being used and we hit a road bump when I was doing the vorous and the helper walked on the field with his own dog and she decided to go to him. She got corrections on the long line but that was a problem for 2 sessions. A dog in our club is doing the vorous with this method and its taken him a week to string together all the components and he's now doing a send out with a platz w/o recall. Its very impressive but that may just be the dog.

Anyways, hope this helps. I'm very happy with this method because it gives speed, intensity, works fast, and the only real compulsion is for the forging on heeling and for the platz.
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