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Holland-Belgium trial

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Last week we had the trial Holland- Belgium, 15 dobers were written in, 12 of them IPO3, and 3 of them IPO 1

I made some pictures, and saw a lot of good working dobes! The dutch won the country price

It also was a long time ago, to have that amount of dobers in one trial, the weather was terrible, it rains very hard and it was windy.

I try to put some different pictures here, the number one won with 284 points, the numer two 282 and the number three 280.

This was the one who won the trial!

It was a good trial, and a long time ago we saw so much good working dobes! We really enjoyed this day full of good dogsport!
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VERY NICE! it's good to see some dobers working....
Great action pictures Elly....great to hear so many doberman's entered the trial.
Very nice!!
Excellent! I love how dobermans sit, their butt never quite reaches the ground ;)
Nice foto's with some great action shots......good looking dober trio in the last shot! ;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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