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Hi from SC

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Just found out about the board and it looks good with some nice discussions already going.

I am in Fort Mill SC and a member of a K9 SAR team in the upstate.

Cyra- *was* my trailing dog (W German Working Lines) until she was diagnosed with HD - and she was certifiable - had a minor glitch is our January test and were prepared for a March test, but, oh well, stuff happens. She is doing water search training and it is not too hard on her joints - at least she is not showing any loss of drive or pain afterwards and we are cleared by her vet for this .... and we HOPE to be certified in about a month.

Grim is my new dog. Got him as a young 2.5 year old Czech GSD adult from a fellow in Wisconsin whose other dog absolutely despised him. Original thoughts were to do trailing with him, but our team has a number of excellent new dogs going through a training program and Grim tested out very nicely for detection work, so we are doing cadaver training with him.

I am a 50 year old grandma of 2 and the thought of water and cadaver is starting to sound pretty good to me anyway. Plus I get to be a victim for all the other dogs, so need to take some books and bug spray out in the woods on those weekend training sessions
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I don't THINK I stink enough for a dog to mistake me for dead.

I just mean go get lost and hang out while a trail ages and for a scent pool to develop - that could easily be 4 hours of hanging out.
Hanging out for hours:

Read, sleep (I have had some really good naps out in the woods, usually from reading to much :roll: :roll:

Tear bark off deadfall, look at wildlfe, play with bugs, dig in the dirt, once I dammed up a small stream (a skill acquired in early childhood but not put to use since then), etc. etc. -- You get to be 10 years old again.

The night ones - oh yeh I don't like those as much - walking through the woods at night no problem but I *have* gotten spooked especially if you flick on the headlamp and see a bunch of little eyes. So I guess it is a confidence builder (the daytime does not spook me)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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