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Hi from Connecticut

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Hi everyone, My name is Anne Jones. Many of you will recognize my name from other sites. I live in CT & have 2 GSDs,( a horse & a cat). My female is an almost 2 1/2 yr old black & tan E & W German working line Leerburg bitch. She is from his Otis line & is just as hard as he was. SHe has pretty exteme drives. All of her drives are. I have had her since 9 wks old. My male is an almost 3 1/2 yr old dark sable E & W German working line out of Belgium kennels. He is 3-4 on Fado Karthago. He is high drive but is also a soft dog. I have only had him for 5 months. Makes for intesting training. I have to always be thinking about what I am doing. If I ever made the error of putting the kind of correction on him that I do my female....he would totaly shut down. I am training them in SchH & some personal protection work. I am new to working dogs, but not dogs. I have spent most of my life (since 7) with horses & just retired my x-country horse last year after 19 years of almost daily riding & numerous competitions. He will turn 23 in July. So now it is time to work dogs full time & I am learning a ton & having a great time. Glad to be part of this great forum. Hope to lean allot & help others with what I am leaned.
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I also have a Leerburg bitch,Xando/Anja 2,and she is just hyper.

You just can't find one nice thing to say about her, can you, Greg? :lol: (Not that I blame you....thinking about her makes me tired...) :wink:
she is lively! :eek: :D :x

She just needs a more \"sporty\" dog person. :lol:
You mean someone who's not such a grump :lol: . She's not my type, either :( . I bet someone else would love her though...
Hi Anne! Welcome.

Mike.... are you looking to start a funny farm :D .

One dog... one on the way and you adopted 2 today. Boy you are brave. :wink:

PS... Marsha has had 3 now.

~ Julie
If I had the room for all those dogs I'd most certainly mean it lol, but I don't, so take it with a grain of salt, or a compliment on your dog(s), either way :p
My Leerburg bitch is out of Cogo(Paula von Leerburg) Eros von Raiserberg. He was a German import that Ed brought in as a stud for a while. My male was one of Ed's stud dogs. Blitz von Getevallie. One of his breeding was to a female that is also an Otis grandaughter like mine. Xanto. The pups are almost a year old now & I would like to hear about them if anyone knows someone that has one. I am considering breeding Zasha & Blitz next spring. I am hoping that some of his pups are in working homes & I can hear about how they are doing before I make a final decision on wheather to breed them or possibly breed Zasha to another male instead. He has another litter on the ground that was with a Checz female & the couple of pups that I know about, are impressive. So everyone ask around & let me know of anyone that has one of his leerburg breeding pups, especially the Xanta breeding. I think he was bred 3 or 4 times out at Leerburg.
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sorry the female's name is Xanta., not Xanto.
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