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Hello all! My name is Jerry Lyda Jr but everyone calls me Jay. I was invited by my father Jerry. I have one GSD named Gretchen and we are currently training in ASR. I am 27 yrs old and love dogs and training. I perform the decoy work in our ASR club in Evans, Ga and when needed help my father and his partner Matt in decoying for their PPDs that they are training. Gretchen just turned 2yrs old and loves working. She is very eager to please. She has earned an HIC and a CGC. Right now we are working towards her BH and ASR EL. I am glad to meet new people who are as enthused about their dogs as I am.
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That's my boy.
Folks he's new at the decoy work but you would never know it. He has an act at reading dogs. I'm proud of him. :lol:
Welcome jay!
Welcome Jay! I met your dad at the ASR West Palm Beach Trial and I don't have to tell you you're dad is a nice guy and can tell some good stories! :lol: I hope to see you both at the Tallahassee trial at the of the month.
Thanks Bob and Patrick,

Dad said the same thing about you Patrick, he said that you were a real nice guy. Im not sure if I'll make the Tally trial, but I'm sure I'll see ya at another one.
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