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Hello -

I was hoping that the members in the Netherlands could help me. A local police department recently purchased a dog, named Paco from a broker in the midwest. The dog was sold as a titled dog and the department was given a score sheet which indicated that Paco recieved 355 points in the object bewaken. As you know this would be a great score and the new handler should be very happy. Well.....................the problem is that when we discovered that Dhr. Richters and Paco competed in the National Championship in 2005. We found a picture of the Dhr. Richters and Paco through our friends in the Netherlands and the dog was not the same Paco that was purchased by the department. :eek:

When this was brought to the attention of the broker they said they would investigate it. Today they told me that they think that Dhr. Richters may have titled two Pacos in 2005!!! :?

I do not believe this is the case and I think that it is probable that the dog that was purchased by the department is not titled. SO....I was hoping that someone can give me contact information for Dhr Richters so I can ask him personally if he titled two dogs by the same name in 2005.

My personal opinion is that someone is misrepresenting a dog and thought that no one would find out. This is unfair to the local department, the new handler, and Dhr. Richters. :evil:

Can anyone help me contact this gentleman????

Here is the real Paco: (Not the one we have)

This is the info on the score sheet that the department recieved:

Owner: D Richters
Address: Wolegrass 13, purmerend
Trial Location: Almere 22.5-05
Date of Birth: 01-06-02
Dog: Paco
Breed: X Mechelse

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry......maybe I should have put this in the general discussion area
I know mr. Richters, is in my region. I think the real Paco is a working police dog..but I will do some investigations for you. You´ll hear from me.
Thank you Selena.

This is yet another reason why I don't like to buy dogs from Brokers.
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