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Personally I switch them to a large breed adult kibble for "active" dogs by 5 months of age and feed twice a day, some still feed puppy food at that age but you don't want to keep them on puppy food too long as it is not good for their bone health (you want slow/steady growth, not super fast rapid growth). Maybe feed 3 times but usually twice is enough depending on their activity level. As far as how much to feed, typically as much as they will eat in 5 minutes (within reason). Feel her ribs and make sure her weight remains optimal (not fat!). Extra fat/weight is not good for their bone structure so use your measuring cup and adjust the feedings if she starts to get a little porky. Your vet will help you judge if she is at the right weight or feels to fat/thin.

Also try not to walk her (or worse run her) on pavement/cement for long periods of time as that will damage their soft/growing joints. Keep her on grass/dirt when you go for longer walks or play ball etc... GSDs have enough hip/bone problems as it is without adding to it with environmental factors.

As far as her ears, I have only posted/wrapped Dobie puppy ears which are completely different. I suggest you research GSD ears to learn whether or not you should post them or whether they should come up on their own. Posting Ears | Sequoyah German Shepherds
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